Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Dishes!

As you might remember, we recently moved into a new apartment. The new place is about half the size of our old apartment, and while we don't really mind the change in size of our living space, the lack of closet space in the new apartment is VERY noticeable! The old place had a huge storage closet, a coat closet in the hall, plus we each had our own walk-in closet in the bedroom. It was awesome!

In the midst of our move, we got rid of a lot of stuff! It felt really good to go through old boxes and get rid of the stuff we didn't need in our lives anymore. Some things went to the dump, some got donated, and the things we wanted to keep went into storage at either my mom's or my future mother-in-law's homes. We are SO grateful that they live close and were both willing to store stuff for us!

Since we moved in June, the only things I've bought are things we needed for the house, like shelves for the bathroom, a shower curtain, etc. We do our best to use what we have as much as possible instead of always buying new stuff. But now that we're more settled and things have mostly found their place, it's obvious that we won't be buying much during our time living here - there just isn't any space! We're pretty organized people, so we've used up just about every usable space there is in the place. But as a gal with a slight clothing/shoes obsession, this could be tough! I'm going to have to stick with the "for every item you buy, get rid of one item" rule.

White dishes in the cupboard - Yay!
Along those lines, for the past four years I've been using dishes that were a hand-me-down from my mom. At the time she gave them to me, I was grateful to have them, but as I've lived with them I've come to realize that they just aren't my style. And, now that I've been photographing my food (as you might have noticed here on the Zwick's Picks blog), sometimes the colors on the plates really don't go with the food. Recently, I was able to get a new (to me) set of plain white dishes. My dad and step-mom had an extra set they wanted to get off their hands, so when my dad asked me if I was interested in them, I jumped at the chance to change things up! We just got the new dishes this week, and I could hardly wait to unpack them and put them away.

I'm already loving the look of the white dishes, and I'm hoping the new set works out well with my food photography - you guys let me know!

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