Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Getting Enough Veggies

If you read last week's post, you know that I just returned home from a wonderful 2-week vacation in Belize. The trip was fantastic and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, but by the end of the first week both my fiance and I found ourselves craving California vegetables! We're so spoiled by the abundance of food in our area, aren't we? 

Now that we're home, we're filling our bellies with the best local summer veggies we can find. We made it a mutual goal to eliminate dairy, sugar, alcohol, and wheat from our diet for at least two weeks, since we overindulged a bit on vacation. Since we've been home, our meals have been close to 100% vegetarian, with a little bit of quinoa/brown rice, eggs just a couple times, and meat only a few times, more as a condiment than the main meal. Eating this way is meant to re-calibrate our systems back to healthy eating, but we also see it as a sort of experiment - Do we feel better eating this way? The answer to that question is still unfolding...

Here are some meals we had this past week:

- Vegetable Soup: This bowl was full of nutrition! Carrots, sweet potato, onions, garlic, kale, celery and a mix of low-sodium vegetable stock with homemade chicken stock. We ate this for days! It worked well for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

- Roasted Veggies: I tossed the broccoli with soy sauce, olive oil and garlic (similar to how this post describes), and roasted the beets with some olive oil and fresh thyme. Served with a little quinoa on the side, this was a filling and delicious meal.

- Tomatoes!! Over the weekend, we house-sat for my fiance's mom. She has an amazing vegetable garden, and right now the tomatoes are starting to ripen. These little cherry tomatoes taste like candy they're so sweet. We tossed a variety of freshly picked tomatoes with a sprinkle of olive oil, fresh ground pepper and shredded Basil, and they made for a delicious dinner.

What are some of your favorite summer veggies that you've been enjoying this year? Tell us in the comments below!

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