Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Fresh Tomatoes and Basil. Summer is HERE!

How do you know it's summer? We all live in different parts of the country (or maybe even the world), but I can tell the seasons have changed when the vine-ripened tomatoes start to show up at the Farmer's Market! The last couple of days have been gray and foggy, but last week was sunny, and we spotted some organic tomatoes at our Farmer's Market. It was a VERY exciting day! And what makes it even better is that the market is held just around the corner from our new apartment. Can't get much more convenient than that!

Tomatoes from a few summers ago, one of my fave pics!
We walked the aisles and saw that multiple vendors were selling organic tomatoes, but rather than go straight for the huge heirlooms, we decided to go with smaller tomatoes, about 2" across. We tried a sample, and they were so flavorful! She had them in all colors and we got a variety of red, yellow, orange and green tomatoes. Another vendor had fresh herbs, so we picked up a huge bunch of organic basil. With just a little bit of prep, the dish was served!

Our haul from last week's market. Delicious!
Fresh Summer Tomatoes with Basil
- Tomatoes
- Basil
- Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- Sea Salt
- Mozzarella di Bufala OR Sheep's Feta Cheese (totally optional)

- Rinse the tomatoes and basil, pat dry.
- Using a SHARP knife, cut the tomatoes into either wedges or slices. It's up to you.
- Arrange the tomatoes (and cheese, if you're using it) on a plate.
- Sprinkle some olive oil over the tomatoes, and add a touch of sea salt.
- Gently tear off the larger basil leaves from your plant. Stack a bunch of them together and roll it up. Slice the leaves while they're rolled. Sprinkle basil on top.
- Serve and eat!

Note: One tip about Basil (and other herbs) - If you buy a fresh bunch, cut off the bottom of the stems and keep it in a glass of fresh water. This should keep your plant alive for at least a few days, maybe longer if you see it start to sprout roots!


  1. That looks amazing! I just love summer tomatoes!

    1. Thanks Lora, it tasted amazing too! Enjoy your summer tomatoes!!