Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Am I a Hoarder?

Moving is never easy, but when you're downsizing it is especially tough! We moved exactly one week ago, last Wednesday, and are adjusting to life in a smaller place. We wanted to save some money while C is in graduate school, so our new apartment is roughly half the size of our last one! Both places are 1-bedrooms, but our previous apartment was really spacious with lots of closet space. (We know, we got totally spoiled living there.) The new place...doesn't really much closet space, so some things (like suitcases and laundry hampers) have yet to find their place.

So much stuff!
Because we knew we needed to downsize to fit into the new apartment, in packing up from our old place, we decided to sort things into groups: keep it (in the new place), put it in storage, donate it or trash it. It amazed us how much stuff we had! Despite all the things we put into storage and got rid of, we still had a LOT of boxes when we moved into the new apartment. Boxes were piled up to our shoulders, leaving narrow pathways to walk around the apartment, and it seriously felt like we were hoarders! The first night there was a little anxiety-producing - where was it all going to go?? But as we put shelving up and items found their places, things started to feel better. As each empty box left the apartment, it created more open space. Breaking down each box and putting it in the recycling bin felt like a huge relief! 

As my fiance and I went through the process of cleaning out the "cobwebs" of our stuff, we both remarked on how cleansing the process felt. He commented that he feels "lighter" since getting rid of old college textbooks and notebooks that have been in storage for years. I notice that eliminating so much of my old stuff, while itself a physical act, has opened up space for new things to come in. In a way, my whole life feels a bit more spacious now.  

After a few days of organizing, a trip to Ikea, assembling furniture, and lots of unpacking...I can now say that the new apartment is starting to feel like home. We've both noticed that we sleep much better here, as the apartment itself is quieter than our old place. This is a great thing! We plan on putting artwork up on the walls this week, and that will be pretty much the last step of this move. I look forward to settling in here and getting to know my new neighborhood, and am open to living this next chapter of my life!

Have you moved recently? Let us know (in the comments below) - How was it for you? What are some strategies you used to keep it as low-stress and low-anxiety as possible? 

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