Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend Recap: My First 5k!

The long weekend brought with it a lot of activity. My fiance and I had signed up for a trail run (I did a 5k, he did his first half marathon) a while ago not realizing it was Memorial Day weekend. So while I was busy training (*cough, cough*), lots of other plans got scheduled! Luckily we were able to enjoy it all and still found time to relax with each other. 

My sister currently lives in New York, and she decided to come for a visit over the holiday weekend. She and my mom came out to the race, and even though they got there after I finished, we were all able to cheer for my fiance as he came through the finish. Seeing the big smile on his face was priceless! My race went well, I was happy that it wasn't too hilly and I only had to walk two short times. I didn't really care about my time (36:17), as I'd signed up for the fun of it. And after an athletic morning, it was great to get lunch and spend time with my sister.

Race schwag + Sweat Pink shoes!
That's me in the middle.
Even though I'd only run a 5k, not a half marathon, I found myself really stiff the next day. The Lululemon store around the corner from my apartment holds free yoga classes on Sunday mornings, and that was a perfect way to stretch things out! We spent some time with friends that afternoon, and otherwise just relaxed at home.

I've always loved these flags at my yoga studio.
My usual Monday morning yoga class was taught my a different instructor due to the holiday, but again it was a wonderful way to start my day, and as I was still a bit stiff (especially in my calves) it helped to stretch and relax. Plus, at the end of class a woman complimented my pedicure color and asked what it was called as she wanted to get the same color. I'm not really a fan of the green, but I am a fan of giving compliments to strangers!

Essie Mojito Madness, in case you're wondering.
On Monday, my Dad decided to host an impromptu bbq and gathering at his house. It was great to get together with everyone one last time before my sister's red-eye flight back to New York. His wife and her kids were making most of the food, but he requested that I make a Rhubarb Pie. This is not a dish that I would call healthy, as it's full of refined flour and sugar, but it is delicious. Since rhubarb is only around for a few weeks out of the year, it's one of those times I make an exception to eating healthy. Eating healthy 80% of the time means that when I have a splurge here and there it doesn't throw me off too much. Take a look at my post from last year for more info on rhubarb, as well as the pie recipe.

The smell of Rhubarb Pie is simply amazing!
How did you spend the weekend? Did you give any compliments to strangers? Or people you know? Tell us about it in the comments!

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