Tuesday, May 21, 2013

5 Quick Tips to Alleviate Your Seasonal Allergies

If you're anything like me, the spring seasons brings the sniffles along with all the beautiful flowers and greenery. There are many different pollens floating through the air, and it can be difficult to tell what specifically is making you stuffy, sneezy, and snotty. My five tips below will be helpful no matter what your seasonal allergy is! Give them a try, and leave a comment below letting us know how it's working for you.

1. Avoid dairy. Even if you're a member of the small part of the population that does not have an intolerance or allergy to dairy, consuming milk, cheese and yogurt leads to the body producing more mucus. One effect of this is more snot - not what I want! Avoid dairy products for a few days and see if you notice a difference in your sinus symptoms.

2. Use a Neti Pot in the evenings, about an hour before bed. If you've spent time outside during the day, you can add another cleanse. Do not use water straight from the tap!! Either boil your water (let it cool before you use it!) or use distilled water to make the saline solution. Don't share a Neti Pot with anyone, as this can transfer germs. Each person should have their own.

3. Shop at your farmer's market, and year-round, do your best to primarily eat local, seasonal foods. This includes local raw honey. Eating foods grown close to your home taste the best and have more nutrients because they're picked closer to being ripe, but they also introduce your body to some of the local pollens, which over time can make your body less reactive.

4. As gorgeous as it is outside, close windows to avoid pollens and air pollution from coming into your home. Especially on windy days! In your car, close the windows and use the air conditioner (be sure your air filter is changed regularly).

5. Clean house with non-toxic cleaners. Many cleaners at the store contain chemical compounds that are nasal irritants, which can exacerbate allergy symptoms. Use micro-fiber cloths to dust first, then vacuum. Be sure your vacuum has a HEPA filter to trap all those allergens! For glass cleaners and all-purpose cleaners, make a DIY concoction - it's a super easy, inexpensive and effective way to clean, and it's safe to breathe. Even for babies and pets!

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