Monday, April 15, 2013

Plastic is Gross!

For one day, use your smartphone or a journal to make a note of every time you use or come into contact with PLASTIC. Keep a running tally, record what the item was, it's up to you. But I think you'll discover (as I did) that plastic is EVERYWHERE! There is so much plastic used in our daily lives, yet not many people stop to think of the impact. Here are some facts and statistics I came across, I'd love to hear your responses in the comments section on this food for thought...

image source: Wikipedia Great Pacific Garbage Patch
- Plastics are a huge source of pollution in our oceans. Have you heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? There is one in the Northern Pacific Ocean that we've known about for a while, and another garbage patch was recently discovered in the Atlantic Ocean. The majority of the debris in both patches consists of plastics, which affects the health of marine life all up and down the food chain.

- Plastic bottles (like the one your bottled water came in) are one of the biggest source of pollution on beaches across the globe. Do you want to contribute to that?

- Each plastic bag takes approximately 1,000 years to degrade. That's a really long time! Do you bring reusable bags to the store with you? They're not just for groceries!

image source: Tumbler user MessageBottles
And then there's the toxins...

- Research has shown that bisphenol-A (as well as cousins bisphenol-S and bisphenol-F), one of the chemicals used to harden plastics, leach into our food and beverages and cause hormonal disruption that contributes to weight gain, low sperm counts, thyroid issues, early onset puberty, cancer, ADHD and more! Yikes!

- One type of chemical found in plastics is a toxin called an obesogen. This causes a change in the way your body stores fat cells. Not something I want in my body!

But before you freak out, STOP and take a deep breath. Ready? Breathe in...Breathe out...
My intention here is not to scare you, but instead to educate you a bit on the effects plastic has on us.

It's going to be okay. Now that you know these facts, you can keep them in mind when shopping for new products. It can be overwhelming to do a total overhaul of your kitchen and lifestyle, but I promise it doesn't have to be. By taking small steps and eliminating sources of environmental toxins one by one, you make your home, your body, and your environment a healthier place!

As a first step, I suggest you stop buying bottled water, toss your reusable plastic water bottles and get yourself a snazzy glass or stainless steel bottle. They come in all different colors and sizes. One of my favorites (and I'm not an affiliate or anything) is Miir. With each purchase, they donate $1 toward building wells for fresh water in developing nations. A water bottle you can feel good about drinking out of!

Miir Classic Water Bottles
When you're ready for the next step, take a look in your pantry and toss all of your plastic food storage containers. You know you can never find the right lid for those things anyway! Throw it all in a big trash bag and sent it packing! Wondering what you'll use to take your leftovers to work? There are some great options - insulated steel will keep things hot so you won't need to use a microwave later in the day, or a glass container is another great option. Check out online retailers if you can't find them at your local store.

One example from
Want to know more about how to rid your kitchen of plastics and other environmental toxins?
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