Tuesday, April 2, 2013

National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day!

It's April 2nd. Do you know what today is?? It's National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day! The big question is...will you choose smooth or chunky PB?

I don't know about you, but I sure enjoyed my share of this sandwich as a kid. I think I had one for lunch almost every day in middle school. Thanks, Mom! :-)

Today, I still enjoy a PB&J every so often, usually for breakfast when I'm in a hurry to get out the door, or sometimes I make a half sandwich as a dessert after lunch. But instead of the white bread I ate as a child, despite my mom's best efforts to get me eating whole wheat, today I make PB&J sandwiches with sprouted whole wheat bread, organic peanut butter, and jam from a fantastic local company. (Check out We Love Jam for their info - the fact that so many products are sold out tells you how great they are!)

Organic, all-natural peanut butter is delicious and nutritious, but there are also many other types of nut butters on the market today. Eating organic nuts is a great way to give your body a boost of healthy fats and provides some protein to keep your mind and body fueled. Another favorite snack of mine is Almond Butter on a rice cake, or smeared onto apple slices. And those of you who are on my facebook page know that I love Ants on a Log - which is nut butter on a celery stick, topped with raisins or currants. I'll never be too old for these childhood treats!

Zwick's Picks PB&J Tips:
- Nut butters should only have one or two ingredients, the nuts and maybe salt. Stay away from anything with added oils, sugars or preservatives. Smooth or chunky is your call!
- Breads should have "whole wheat" listed as the first ingredient. Or, if you're not eating gluten, experiment with things like rice cakes instead of breads!
- Check stores and farmer's markets for a local jam that uses fresh, local (not frozen, imported) fruit and has a low sugar content. Stay away from anything highly processed.
- Buy nut butters and jams in glass containers, not plastic. Reduce your exposure to environmental toxins!

In the comments below, tell me: What's your favorite way to eat PB&J?

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