Monday, August 27, 2012

Berry Peachy Smoothie

Okay, enough of my vacation. It's back to work for real this week, and I'm posting a healthy recipe for you all. I don't know about you, but with it being summer, we have a bounty of fresh fruit around the house right now. This smoothie is a good way to use some peaches and berries, and it's also a good smoothie to use if you want to hide some greens (for the kids, or your friend or partner who isn't used to the idea of veggies in their smoothie). I used kale, but you could also use spinach, they both blend in nicely. As you become more used to the greens being in the smoothie, you can begin to change the ratio of fruit:vegetables so that you actually have more vegetables and less fruit - it's better for your blood sugar. But this easy to make and easy to drink smoothie is a great place to start, so give it a try today!

All ingredients ready to go...

Vitamix at work. See the kale leaves disappearing?
2 Peaches or Nectarines (white or yellow), pit removed
1/3C Boysenberries/Blackberries
1/4C Blueberries
2 Strawberries
3 Kale leaves (remove the thick stalks)
Water, or Coconut Water
2-3 Ice Cubes (if using fresh fruit, omit if using frozen)

- Put all ingredients in blender with greens/ice on top.
- Snap on lid and blend til smooth.
- Pour into glasses, or a  mason jar if you want to save it for later like I did.
- Sip and enjoy!

Yum! Some for now, some for later.

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