Monday, July 16, 2012

Two Sides to Everything

I promise, the Golden Gate Bridge is behind me,
even though you can't see it through the fog!

Rocking the Sweat Pink shoelaces!
Downtown SF is behind me, you can see how sunny it is!
If you live in San Francisco, you know what meteorologists mean when they talk about "micro-climates." Some days it seems as though each neighborhood in the city has it's own weather. And even in one area, the weather can dramatically change in a matter of minutes! The two pictures above were taken at Crissy Field (by my lovely sister, Kathryn) with just seconds between each shot, but you can see the dramatic differences in the weather. When I got home after our walk, I started to think about weather changes, and how they affect me. Do they affect you?

When it's foggy, cold and windy I want to stay inside. The word hibernation comes to mind. My couch just looks so tempting to curl up on. I'll make myself a cup of tea, and for meals I tend to crave warm soups. However, I know that I need to get outside and move my body, even on a foggy day. It makes me feel better both mentally and physically, even when the weather isn't ideal. But dressing for a workout in the windy, foggy weather is tricky. It's humid because of the fog, and the wind is cold, but the actual air temperature is usually in the 50s. I know I'm going to sound like Goldilocks, but long pants get too warm, and shorts are too cold. A t-shirt is too cold on top, but anything heavier than a light long sleeve shirt and I'm way too sweaty. Sweat + Cold Wind = Bone Chilling!! Unless it's really cold, I usually will go for capri-length pants and a long sleeve workout shirt. Most of the time that keeps me comfortable, provided I don't take too many walk breaks during my run and cool down.

To contrast the fog, on warm and sunny days I feel full of energy! Waking up to a sunny day immediately puts me in a good mood, and the day seems to hold so much promise, it's so open to possibilities. Getting outside, I feel happy from all the Vitamin D, and I crave cooling foods like fruit and salads. Dressing for this weather is much easier, especially now that I live on the Peninsula (south of San Francisco) and the weather changes aren't quite as dramatic. Being summer, I typically pull on shorts and a tank top and I'm good to go!

It is important to pay attention to our moods and notice the changes. Be aware of what is going on around you, and notice if anything in particular sparks a change in you. It can be a change from a dark mood to a lighter one, energetic to sleepy, any shift. Sometimes these shifts will be related to the weather like I talked about in this post, but they also might be related to the food and drinks you're putting into your body. Getting to know your body and how it reacts will help you to know what it needs and how you can best support yourself.

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  1. I love the quote at the end of your post! I could not agree with it more! I too run in an area with the weather is sometime iffy and I am always trying to figure out what is best to run in!

  2. Thanks, Melissa! I cannot take credit for coming up with the quote, but I do love it. What do you find works best for running in your iffy weather?

  3. Beautiful pictures!!! My sister used to live in San Francisco but I've never day I WILL visit there! I live in Alabama so the weather is pretty and humid!