Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Intentions

Vacationing in Maui, 2011
In turning my calender to July yesterday, I realized something. It's officially summer, and I haven't set any goals or intentions on how I'm going to use the time! While reading the blogs of a few friends of mine, I came across people who have done a summer bucket list, or listed their intentions. I love the idea!

While I was in school studying nutrition and health coaching, we were taught to look at all aspects of life: relationship, career, physical activity, and spirituality in addition to diet. I've set intentions for all of these in my list. However, I also wanted to keep it realistic, so while I'd love to go on an exotic vacation this summer (see photo above) I know that's not going to happen. I'll save that one for the long-term bucket list! :-)

What's on your intention list for this summer? Be specific! And then write/print it out and hang your list where you'll see it every day.

Lindsay's Summer Intentions:
- Eat fruit and/or vegetables at every meal. (d)
- Make a green smoothie for breakfast at least twice a week. (d)
- Eat less beef/pork/chicken, and when I do, choose organic. (d)
- Cook at home more often than eating out - don't let the fresh produce go to waste! (d)
- Cut down on wheat/dairy products. (d)
- Yoga at least 2x per week. (p)
- Run at least 2x per week. (p)
- Bike rides (by myself or with friends) every other week. (p)
- Drive leisurely from Los Angeles to San Francisco on Highway 1. (s)
- Attend a weekend yoga retreat in a relaxing setting. (s)
- Turn off the tv and computer 1 hour before bedtime. (s)
- Spend time with my sister, who is in town until August. (r)
- Visit Yosemite with my boyfriend at least once. (r/s)
- Have a "date" with my boyfriend once a week. (r)
- See each of my parents at least once a month. (r)
- Create outlines for nutrition workshops. (c)
- Continue weekly blog posts, expand beyond recipes. (c)


  1. This is great list. My big item to do this summer is to run in my second half marathon. That let me plan out a training schedule so I knew I had to work out each week, on specific days, eat better, etc. Good luck this summer!

  2. Thanks, Don! I'm a big fan of lists - writing things out helps me to see what I have to do. Best of luck to you on your half marathon!