Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Spoiled food is no fun!

Do you ever go to the market and buy a bunch of delicious-looking fruits and vegetables, only to have things spoil before you can eat it all?  Personally, I hate throwing out food.  Even putting it into the compost makes me twinge a bit.  But sometimes I get a little excited at the market and come home with way more food than I can eat.  Don't we all?  ;-)

When I get home, I store my newly purchased fruits and vegetables the best way I know, which is usually how I saw my mom store things when I was growing up.  Mom was right about a couple of things, like not washing fruits and vegetables until just before eating, and never putting tomatoes in the refrigerator.  But according to THIS LIST from The Ecology Center's Berkeley Farmers' Markets on how to store your produce without any plastic, Mom was wrong about a couple things (sorry, Mom!).  I've now printed the list and have it posted on my fridge, so I can look up how to store things right when I get home from the market.  Here's hoping my future purchases will last longer now!

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