Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend Fun!

This past weekend was full of activities, but also included lots of relaxation and quality time.  It was a pretty close to perfect combination!  And having the Veteran's Day holiday meant that my sweetie and I could enjoy a three-day weekend together to celebrate both our anniversary and my birthday.  I was especially excited that we were able to go to a restaurant to celebrate.  While I've enjoyed cooking all week, it was a bit tiring and involved a lot of planning to follow my restrictions, and the break from it was something to enjoy.  At Greens Restaurant, I was able to mostly follow my cleanse diet and my sweetie was also able to eat a meal that he enjoyed.  I started with a soup of winter squash and coconut milk that was absolutely amazing, and for my entree had a tagine of mixed vegetables served on top of delicious brown rice, with half an artichoke.
Vegetable Tagine

Linguine with Spinach, Pine Nuts and Tomatoes
Looking out the huge pane window toward the lights of the Golden Gate Bridge, we had an amazing meal and very much enjoyed each other's company.  And I was happy to discover that with a little planning ahead and online research, it's possible to eat out even while following dietary restrictions!

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